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Cherry & Honey Oil


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*** NEW AND IMPROVED *** This Cherry oil is an amazing product with a great flavor when you smoke it. Its been tested at 84% THC so it packs a good punch. It has also been tested for pesticides to ensure the quality of the purest cherry oil.

10 reviews for Cherry & Honey Oil

  1. jason.james.dixon

    Few toots of this fine product and Im good to go. Taste and burns smooth, great bed time treat

  2. jbizstyle (verified owner)

    It seems like forever since HHC has had their Honey Cherry Oil in Stock. It drives me nuts they don’t always have it in stock. It’s almost as strong as the distillate but has amazing flavour. I buy other things but I always make sure I buy some of this. They should Always have this in stock!

  3. jbizstyle (verified owner)

    I just can’t say enough about this Honey Oil. I love putting it in & Vaping it in a fresh Atomizer. FYI: I have started using a little Blow Dryer to warm the Oil/Distillate up & get it all in the atomizer quick & cleanly. No fuss or mess & very quick & easy process, that I personally reccommend.

  4. redtailhawk999 (verified owner)

    Blows away everything from back in the day. A regular fiver would last me 2 days at most this lasted me eight.

  5. Mike Koenne (verified owner)

    Nice taste fair price spreads nice on a paper

  6. Franco Bonelli (verified owner)

    Tried most high end honey oil products and this one is right up there. The price of 75 is unbeatable.

  7. matt (verified owner)

    Very nice product. Thick, but easy to spread and burns very well. I like this concentrate, and it is of very good quality, yet I prefer the Premium THC distillate. I’ll still give this cherry oil five stars because of the quality and the high.

  8. Melissa A. (verified owner)

    Nice taste! Spreads well on paper. Burns nice, & effective.

  9. Mike Koenne (verified owner)

    Delicious flavour, lasts for a long time, love it.

  10. jra6304 (verified owner)

    thanks, very nice, and so easy to use with the syringe, thanks.

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