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Gold Seal Hash


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The body buzz from the hash is great if you want a body numbing experience, without a heavy head high. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be stoned, but not totally ripped like you would smoking a joint.

If hash is new to you, then Gold Seal might be a good starting point. it’s a great value hash (but not low quality) and great for mixing in joints!

The gold seal is soft enough where you will be able to roll it in little balls, or tear apart for rolling. however you smoke it, gold seal hash is ready for the job!

For those looking for more of a head and body high, we have a concentrated formula that is much hard to cut but gives much more of a high!

5 reviews for Gold Seal Hash

  1. joeneville697 (verified owner)

    This is one of my more common HHC purchases….I just love this hash…I’m a hash head from the 70’s and this stuff takes me back with every toke…from the smell when broken to the super clean white ash…top notch…the exhale is really smooth and the high is 5 star….awesome pick thanks HHC

  2. sal_baba (verified owner)

    For someone who only smokes hash with tobacco this product was clean but was definitely lacking that punch..

  3. Brad Gilbert (verified owner)

    Love this stuff, def worth the price! Also takes me back to the 90’s love that taste!

  4. sirant (verified owner)

    Whereas I sincerely miss the “biker” hash from the 80’s that was so spicy and incense smelling you felt like you were in a middle eastern temple somewhere, this is actually a very clean and smooth smoking hash. I have typically gone for green in the past few years, but at this price and quality, I feel I may need to switch it up! Can’t beat the awesome delivery too!

  5. theus.tomas (verified owner)

    Good hash

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