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A cannabis extract with a sticky, liquid consistency. Sauce extractions contain high levels of terpenes and are typically the most flavorful of extracts. Sauce is typically produced utilizing a closed loop system and allowing the resulting solution to settle under various pressures and temperatures. This environment promotes the natural separation of the major cannabinoids from the terpene-rich portion.

­Sauce is the most common term for an extract that has a non-uniform texture and high amounts of terpenes. Terms like shatter, badder, crumble, sugar, oil, and sauce refer to the appearance, texture, color, and malleability of the concentrate, not the quality. Sauce is no different; the term is primarily used to describe its unique appearance that, from thinness to thickness, usually takes the form of a juice or marmalade. Some sauce has separated consistencies like large diamonds floating in translucent golden syrup. Other variations have a gritty, texture similar to unfiltered honey.

Isolated cannabinoids and a high terpene content set sauce apart from other concentrates. Sauce is essentially a deconstructed shatter, in which the terpenes and cannabinoids have naturally separated. As a result, cannabinoids and terpenes may not be evenly distributed throughout the sauce. In other words, two different dabs from the same sauce may deliver two very different terpene and cannabinoid levels and thus, two different experiences.is

5 reviews for HTFSE Sauce

  1. Isaac Hicks (verified owner)

    Good stuff great buzz

  2. Isaac Hicks (verified owner)

    Mitten cake is delicious!

  3. mike c (verified owner)

    Nice stuff I like it

  4. Matthew O’Quinn (verified owner)

    I can’t get enough of this stuff it’s amazing in taste n potency can’t wait to get more ..

  5. Matthew O’Quinn (verified owner)

    I can’t get enough of this stuff it’s amazing

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