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The Gem Pods 1100mg THC Distillate Vape Pen is a new generation of vape pens that offer discreet sessions and no cutting agents or metals. The only thing you’ll be inhaling is pure cannabis, and with fun flavors to choose from! Absolutely no Propalyne glycol and Vegetable Glycerine.

This pen is rechargeable, so you can charge it up for a few minutes and pop it in your purse or pocket for some quick hits on the go!

Please call to inquire about In Stock flavours as we have limited quantity!

Usage Guide
Quick Start
To start using your Gem Pod, press the button 5 times fast (within ~2 sec.) to unlock it. The LED will flash if successful. Before putting your Gem Pod in a pocket or bag, put it back in the locked state with the same procedure.

Tight or No Airflow
If there is very little or no airflow when you try to inhale, it may be a clog. This is normal, as distillate is very viscous at ambient temperature. Simply hold the button for about 2 seconds to pre-heat the coil, then inhale to release the clog (you can release the button after pre-heating).

Dual Mode Operation
Regular Strength
For an average pull, just inhale to activate the air switch, like our Original Pens. No need to press the button.

For a Stronger Hit
For a more intense pull, hold the button while inhaling. You can also use the button as a “pre-heat” function to get a more concentrated hit.


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