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Tasty THC is a edible and extraction company specializing in THC/CBD gummies and THC distillate products.  All of there products are made from pure & lab tested THC distillate. 480mg of THC and 40mg of CBD or 600mg of THC and 50mg of CBD in each pack! Available in Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa!

Cannabis edibles are a very popular product at any Canadian weed dispensary. These delicious treats are created in controlled environments, following strict food production procedures. Weed edibles provide a consistent dosage of THC or CBD in a range of potency. We carry a variety of marijuana edibles which include; chocolate & baked goods, beverage mixes, infused candy, weed gummies and more. We also have a selection of strong edibles with high THC / CBD content. With such tasty weed edible treats, you may want to portion your items; start low, go slow, edibles take longer than flowers to take effect. Also check out our cannabis tinctures.


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