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Pixie Drinks – Mix and Go


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Mix & Go Pixie Drinks

How to Use Mix & Go Pixie Drinks

Inside each packet you will find flavoured powder that contains THC and CBD. Add the Pixie powder into 500ml of water, shake it up until it dissolves, and enjoy!

A great feature of Mix & Go Pixie drinks are that they can be watered down to produce a personailzed desired effect. If 80mg of THC is too high of a dose for you, drink the desired amount and keep the rest in the fridge for later. BE SURE to keep this out of the reach of children!

Mix & Go Pixie Drink Flavours

Pixie drinks come in a variety of flavors including: Apple Cider, Grape, Pineapple, Cherry, Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Hot Chocolate, Lemonade, Orange, Iced Tea, Passionfruit, and Mango.

Pick a few flavours that you’ve never had before and mix it up!

1 review for Pixie Drinks – Mix and Go

  1. Samantha Campbell (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these drinks for a few years and the combination of the CBD & THC are perfect for pain & other fibromyalgia related illnesses

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