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Tommy Gun is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through a cross of the classic AK-47 X Space Queen strains. What makes this version of Tommy Gun truly memorable is how it’s made – breeders take Tommy Gun bud and dip it in honey oil before rolling it in kief and Moroccan Hash. This process creates a heavy powerhouse of a bud with a THC level that hits about 51.2% on average. These buds have a light frosty appearance that boasts visible droplets of resin and a super dense rounded structure that’s rock hard to the touch. The smell is very light and fruity with a sweet kushy overtone that has a touch of spice as the nugs are burned. The flavor is just as delicious with a mellow fruity taste that’s slightly herbal and accented by a touch of earthy citrus. What really will get you with this Tommy Gun variety is the high – given its totally insane THC level, Tommy Gun can knock even the most experienced of users flat on their backs if they’re not careful. The high creeps up on you before taking ahold of your entire body and mind, pulling you into a deeply sedated stone that lasts for hours on end. As you succumb to this sleepy state, you’ll be hit with a powerful couch-lock that leaves you almost immovable. These effects give Tommy Gun a great advantage in treating insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation.]


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