Mocha Mints (AAA)


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Mocha Mints lives up to its name with its flavourful aroma that packs a mix of chocolatey creaminess and tart overtones, balanced out with the dank earthiness of its Indica-dominant leanings. Crossing the genetics of Emerald OG and Sinmint Cookies, Mocha Mint features densely packed buds of deep green and purple, frosted with sparkling trichomes and speckled with vibrant orange hairs. Mocha Mint’s well-rounded effects bring on a euphoric buzz that flows into a calm, relaxed high that can be felt throughout the body, making it ideal for most times of the day. Its long-lasting, smooth smoke and surprisingly chocolatey taste make Mocha Mint a perennial favourite that always sells out quickly.

(Popcorn buds)


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