Kootenay Craft – Lickz (AAAA+)


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Lickz is a brand new indica-leaning hybrid (60% Indica/40% Sativa) cultivated by Envy Genetics and created through the crossing of Runtz x Blow Pops.

This savage beast of an indica strain is not for the average recreational user. The high starts immediately after exhaling with a powerful mind numbing effect that hits you fast and hard, sinking you into a foggy-headed abyss that begins to make you hopelessly unmotivated and sleepy. A heavy body buzz comes next, washing over you in waves of heavy numbness that weigh you down like having one weighted blanket placed over you one after another.

Because of these effects, this strain is best for those with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, arthritis, insomnia, ADD and ADHD.

Lickz buds are dark purple with patches of dark green and hints of bright orange hairs throughout. Each nug glistens beautifully from being completely covered with layers of crystal trichomes. These nugs have a gassy pine aroma with a dash of earthy pungency that can easily stink up an entire room if the bag is left open!


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