Kootenay Craft – Hennessy (AAAA+)


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Hennessy OG, also called “Hennessy Kush” or just “Hennessy,” is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. While there is little is known about the lineage of this strain, we know that Hennessy OG features three dominant terpenes: Pinene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. This strain will make you feel uplifted and relaxed, eventually giving way to intense hunger. Hennessy OG tastes wonderfully fruity, with a citrus berry flavor that features notes of grape on the exhale. With a high THC content, medical marijuana patients choose this strain to relieve symptoms associated with depression, stress, inflammation, and pain. According to growers, Hennessy OG flowers into heart-shaped buds with light green foliage and orange hairs that appear pink from a dusting of trichomes. If you’ve smoked, dabbed, or consumed this strain before, tell us about your experience by leaving a review.


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