Haagen Dazs (AAAA+)


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Haagen Dazs is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic 2 Scoops X Do-Si-Dos strains. If you’re looking for an insanely delicious flavor that will have you practically begging for more, you’ve found it. Haagen Dazs packs a super sweet and creamy salted caramel taste with hints of fresh nuttiness upon exhale, almost like a cookie topped with caramel ice cream! The aroma follows the same profile, although with a lightly tropical herbal touch to it. The Haagen Dazs high is just as delightful as the flavor, with relaxing effects that hit mainly the body, leaving you feeling totally at ease with the world around you. You’ll feel a happy lift at the onset of the high that relaxes your mental state, leaving you slightly unfocused and a little bit stoney. A deep body high comes next, washing over you in sedative waves, locking you to the couch and leaving you pretty much immovable and super sleepy. Thanks to these effects and its high 20-25% average THC level, Haagen Dazs is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from insomnia, appetite loss or nausea, chronic stress, muscle spasms and depression. Haagen Dazs buds have minty green spade-shaped nugs with orange hairs and a thick frosty coating of bright white crystal trichomes.


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