Cold Snap #3


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70/30 Indica Dominant

Another fantastic exotic personally cultivated by Gator Farms, this batch certainly dropped the temperatures on us in the lab when we cracked open the seal and were exposed to an eruption of fresh sour mint leaves from the Menthol parentage, herbal sage, and a creamy sugar cookie from the Biscotti. It was quite an experience trying both this and the Highway #30 which both shared The Menthol in their parentage and noting the differences in appearance, terpenes, and potency. This cut has a slightly less dense structure than the Highway #30, and similar colors but with auburn hairs. The terpene profile is displayed naturally in the smoke and you can expect to get thick plumes of sweet and creamy dough with a tinge of dark cacao hashish on the inhale and a nice acrid mint on the exhale. Burns delightfully smooth with opaque white ash and slight pepper from the paper.

Just like a cold snap can hit your grow and kill all your plants, you can expect this Cold Snap #3 to swoop on in and negate all your bad vibes and negative energies as the elevation begins with a mental fog and buzz that quickly shifts your focus from wherever you are and redirects you to somewhere better. I personally love strains that can potentiate any type of scenario or mood and just make it better, and this is one of those elevations that I wouldn’t mind being at 24/7. Anxiety, depression, sadness, and stress are iced up and thrown away as an aura of positivity and good vibrations emanates from your core and uplifts your mind. Waves of soothing warmth surge through your limbs and ease minor tension and aches. After a few hours, the high tapers off into a mild to medium sedation. Recommended for afternoons/evenings, or whenever you need a powerful boost.


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